By applying the askcow your team can easily collaborate online: manage tasks, schedule them, track time you spend on your projects. We have hard yakka to make askcow incredible simple and comfortable by elaborating its interface and performance.


Manage Tasks

You can transform the red field of task in askcow into any essence, whether it's a to-do list, ticket for a bug or request from your customer. Moreover you can completely change your task at once by editing any of its features: title description, people involved and so on. All tasks are streamlined into a tree, in order to make your projects clear and well-composed, so you can instantly manage a number of related tasks by changing their parent. Do you want to start cheese party a week later without getting into a mess with its sub-tasks schedules? Just change your main "cheese party" task and askcow will adjust the rest.


high - normal - low

You can draw the attention of the colleagues to the most urgent issues by changing the task priority. As you can notice, we implemented only three levels of this feature to allow you switching your team efforts fast and effective.



blank - in progress - paused - done - closed

By switching between these statuses you can instantly let your colleagues know about current state of the task, whether it is finished or not, in work or suspended.


Collaboration is the essence of askcow groupware service, so we have carefully elaborated all scenarios of interaction between people and their tasks. In a click you can assign people for working on a certain job or remove them from there, if their involvement is not necessary anymore. You can also receive the complete list of jobs, you're assigned to, by selecting "My tasks" bookmark. And all these features are only the tip of askcow milky iceberg.


Feel free to talk over any of askcow tasks by commenting it. And, certainly, you'll never miss a remark from your collaborator, just check askcow activity log or look into your mail.


Any task can be marked by star which has different size and colour. The bigger the star, the higher it stays in your priority view. It is an individual setting, so you can see your own stars only.


You can share files by attaching them to tasks and comments. It is also possible to give a link to the certain file to people who are not registered in askcow. Of course, it makes the collaboration effective and comfortable.




Editing and History

Our interface is so brilliant, that you'll never face it


Nobody can succeed in processing a complicated project without planning. Our scheduler allows concentrating the efforts of your team in just the right time. An important feature of askcow scheduler is that it's tree-like, so you can easily change the timetable of related tasks by managing the schedule of their parent. In addition we fitted the scheduler with e-mail notifications, so you can never miss your dead-lines. With bookmarks you can significantly improve your team performance by redistributing their efforts consciously, fast and very easy.

Track Time

We allow you to track the time, which people spend while performing their tasks. Click the "track time" button in the red task field, when you have started your work on it, and click there again when you've finished - askcow do the rest by generating the complete report with different variants of the data representation. You can check how fast and effective was your particular colleague or team, see what tasks were too difficult (or too easy) to accomplish, so you will always know, whether the task is overcrowded by the collaborators or suffers from disregard.


Feel free to talk over any of askcow tasks by commenting it. And, certainly, you'll never miss a remark from your collaborator, just check askcow activity log or look into your mail.

So Special
See how easy to deal with the tasks and people
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