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"Ha!" you can say. "Why do I need Askcow, if there are many web based applications arranged for the same?"

"Ha!" we'll answer. "Try to employ them online at least for few month."

We've tried to do this for few years but all systems we worked in remained unfit – there always was a moment then web based project management tool begun to hamper our activity instead of making it easier.

Available online groupware were so insufficient that we were beginning our next project every time in a new set of tools of management. But anyway, attempts to ease our troubles were always idle – some online applications were so primitive that they couldn't meet the requirements of large amount of people working at a complicated task; some on the contrary were so tangled, that giving the using of these systems up was the only solution. We were suffering.

But these ordeals have finally crystallized our ideas about the Holy Grail of the online project management. Thus we have acquired our purpose. And from this very moment an askcow story has begun.

askcow is web based project management software


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Diversity of the Universe in many pristine societies symbolized through a world tree, and this is no coincidence. The tree defines a structure, keeping the Chaos from prevail. To-do lists are good enough, but they turn a complex project into a jelly. Sorry, but we have no jelly in our cheese-party menu.

 - Cheese-party
    - Invite guests
        - Elisabeth
        - Jane
    - Menu / buy
        - Cheese
            - Camembert
            - Brie
            - Roquefort
            - Limburger
        - Wine
            - Chardonnay
            - Pinot noir
        - Nougat
    - Games

This is an ordinary example of tasks integration into a tree. All these matters for sure can also be settled by a to-do list, but it's very likely that such an amorphous structure will turn your decorous cheese soirée in a common Bacchanal revelry – cheeseless very probably.

Why cheeseless? Because you should assign a date of purchasing cheeses and wines in a to-do list separately, one after another, even if you're going to do a complete shopping in a single day. It is the matter of few additional boring minutes, but sometimes it hurts a lot. Just think a bit, what would you do, if you were decided to bring a visit to a grocery a day forward? You should rebuild your to-do list from bottom up again! It is highly annoying.

The tree resolves this problem. Once you have state Friday as a day for a shopping run in the task "Menu / buy" timetable, the same schedule will be set for all sub-tasks without your interference.

If you will suddenly decide to buy wine on Saturday instead of Friday, as all the rest, nothing can stop you from altering the schedule of this sub-task independently, leaving timetable of purchasing nougat and cheeses without a change.

But there is another problem, about the wine this time. Dolly Elisabeth has decided to choose it by herself only, and we concern that she could get mixed up with all of these complicated and strange tree branches. The solution is to choose "wine" sub-task as a bookmark. By doing this Elisabeth can concentrate on her favorite tasks only, without getting in an argument about cheeses' quality with Jane. Bookmarks are cool!


Please update your browser before using askcow. It isn't neccessary, you know, but we cannot guarantee that all these little things we call dots and pixels will be at their place. Especially when you prefer to surf Web and work in some outdated or peculiar browsers, you can not find in the list below.

Naturally, we are not going to stop elaborating askcow compatiblity with the most popular browsers, but sometimes there are some things we have to do for you first. So please, inform us about all eccentric askcow behaviour, we'll persuade it to be sweetheart.