If you want a thing done well, do it yourself

Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy


The time we've started our work on askcow, we were professional in areas very distant from project management, so and for our interests too. Furthermore, we were completely different people with different aims and purposes. Certainly, what things are common for IT-engineers, artists, lawyer and anthropologist?

As it turned out, we faced same problems. We wanted to be more effective, agile, collaborate online by discussing the issues, managing tasks and people, but we cannot. We had to spare time for long verbal discussions, spam each other with tons of letters, get mixed up with hundreds of documents - these problems are familiar for anyone, who was running his own project at least once.

Our next step was very predictable - we've started trying different groupware. Basecamp, FogBugz, Scrumy, Assembla were promising at first sight, but as our projects become more complex and tangled, these online collaboration services started to hamper our activity. It turned out, that sometimes it's easier to ask your colleague, whether you have to buy camember or bree for cheese party, instead of checking the issue in a task manager.

And suddenly a great purposes flashed upon us - we acquired a sacred task to seek the Grail! So the Quest for the Holy Grail has begun. We have girded our loans, saddled our steeds and ventured into this dangerous and perilous adventure. (To tell the truth, we didn't go anywhere, and the most perilous thing we faced, was... was... actually, we didn't face anything perilous at all, alas). We were trained enough to overcome the insuperable obstacles (though we suffered some casualties) and finally we acquired our Grail - askcow.

our miracle-beards made us invincible


IT,       User Experience,       Information Architecture      &      Antropology
and we hold the details-devil by his horns tight




Tranquil Technology represents askcow in Asia Pacific and North America. Our developers are part of the same team, which does business integration of askcow (Project Management System) with enterprice applications such as CRM, eCommerce websites and cloud services. Interested in askcow integration with your website?

Tranquil Technology Pty, Ltd.

Postal Address:

Suite 2201, Level 22

101 Grafton Street

Bondi Junction

NSW 2022 Australia


We would like to hear your trumpet voice, o, customer, from the other side of HTTP!


For Business Questions:

Please, feel free to ask us about additional and profound collaboration. We'll be glad to help you in resolving your own burning issues, interfering with online groupware.


Technical Questions:

Did you face some difficulties in dealing with your askcow account or get confused with pricing plans, for example? Send us a letter (no pigeon-post, sorry).


Questions of Life:

Some savants suppose the Moon is made of soft cheese, and their opinion is certainly ridiculous. It is common knowledge - it's made of SOFT cheese. Have an argument against?


Sydney Contacts:

If you want askcow to be integrated with enterprice applications contact our Asia Pacific and North America representation Tranquil Technology.


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