Hurry up, Luke!

Our plans on askcow development

iOS + Android

Very soon we'll offer our customers mobile versions of askcow, in order to make your project running accessible all over. Mobility is the main trend of modern times, and we have to follow it in order to make your collaboration even deeper and more effective. Combining the power of mobile devices and askcow will make you happier, we bet.

Saved search

If you regularly look for a certain group of tasks or files and end up performing the same search over and over again to find them, you might find it useful to save your search results. When you save a search, you don't have to manually rebuild the same view of your files every time; you only need to open that search, and Windows will perform a rapid search and display only the most current files that match the original search you performed. Very easy yet powerful.

Hot keys

Want to be faster? This feature will let you work with the speed of light. Shortcut keys help provide an easier and usually quicker method of navigating and using computer software programs. Shortcut keys are commonly accessed by using the Alt (on IBM compatible computers), command key (on Apple computers), Ctrl, or Shift in conjunction with a single letter. The de facto standard for listing a shortcut is listing the modifier key, a plus symbol, and the single character. In other words, "ALT+S" is telling you to press the Alt key and while continuing to hold the Alt key, press the S key to perform the shortcut.

Hight contrast

Do you ever use your laptop in bad lighting situations or where there is a lot of glare? The propensity of PC manufacturers for glossy screens can make reflections a real problem. Askcow comes with high contrast theme that provide high contrast and make it easier to read screens in bad lighting. You will be able to switch into high contrast view or back with speed of sound.


Yeah, this definetly will speed communication. Imagine you are working with someone on the same task and you need to find out who will do the most complex part. Use text chat or voice chat to decide it fast.

3D navigator

Fourth way of navigating between tasks and files will be 3D view. You will be able to run through sets of items as you do it in real life, sorting it like books or papers on a workdesk.


You will be able to choose the most suitable color theme for you.