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Task Scheduler

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We have sharpened askcow for performing tasks,
different people encounter while collaborating online:

Are you a project manager trying to plan your employees activity step by step?
Are you a designer who wants to share a new web-site layout with a front-end developer?
askcow is the solution



Additional videos about details of the project running in askcow:

Task management

See how to deal with the tasks and people

Task scheduler

See how easy the scheduler is


See how to concentrate on the crucial tasks only
Time track
Editing and History

Licencing and financial questions:

What does 30 days free trial mean?

We offer you an opportunity to try askcow before purchase. You can start your own project, create task tree, register your collaborators and assign them to certain tasks, i. e. you can use the service in a full-fledged way. You'll learn how to deal with askcow in a few days, but we give you an entire month trial, because it needs significant more time to make sure, whether the service fits your needs and expectations.

Security statement

Security of your information (inclunding billing) is very important for us and we constantly concern with this issue. Your data is stored in different locations and backed up every 24 hours, we also encrypts it according to standards actual today. Servers, where your information is stored, are protected with biometric locks and kept under constant monitoring. We also upgrade our network infrastructure in order to make it safer.


We offer access to our service under usual conditions. Sure, it's better to read the statements before purchasing the access to askcow groupware, but you have to know, that we don't intend to cheat you by adding inappropriate articles.

Accounts for schools and universities

The knowledge is the power itself, so we're empowering the mankind's power with the power of the milk by granting a discount for educational institutions. This is our own unpretentious contribution in making the World better.


We are open for contacts and collaboration, so all feedback is welcomed, thanks!

For Business Questions:

We're passionate towards web-developing and inventing, so we can be very helpful to you, especially if you're trying to make something extraordinary intresting or useful. Sure, our priority for the present is to elaborate askcow, and we will gladly engage in adjusting the service to your specific purpose.

Technical Questions:

Hopefully, our project management online service will interest you so, that large number of questions on its arrangement will appear. Maybe your very issues could make askcow even more better than now, so let us answer by asking us. We surely aiming for arranging the best user-friendly service created ever.

Questions of Life:

Sad to say, but many people live in a very dangerous and unjust world. And, unhappily, this isn't fun at all. Maybe you have some solutions and we can collaborate? Ask us and we'll try to help. We intent to improve the World by making it better. Seriously.

Business Integration:

If you want askcow to be integrated with enterprice applications such as CRM, eCommerce websites and cloud services contact our Asia Pacific and North America representation Tranquil Technology.