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First Groupware that Easier to Use than not to Use

askcow firm foundations:

Ease and simplicity are the things on which askcow is obviously based on and it has crucial features only. This isn't a mail agent, you know, or a bug tracker - it is a project management groupware and this is askcow main purpose. It is the only reason why we don't implement features you would never need.

Our goal is to make askcow as easy as possible. We find the projects quite difficult to run and additional complications of the tools of management are the last thing we'd like to put to use. Every piece of askcow facility was repeatedly discussed. Most likely you won't see it at all because we threw it out or even rebuilt askcow in order to make it even simpler.

See complete list of features we won't implement ever.


File Manager

Though you already can attach files to certain tasks, download and share them with your collaborators, we intend to develop additional features in order to improve and speed up the file management.

askcow project management online service


Task management



Track Time


We continue developing askcow following the paths of evolution, making the system rational and clear. Your attention to details will help us to make it even better.


Huckleberry Finn
The juvenile pariah
Geo Targeting
It's hard to adventure in the darkness or mist, you know, when you're going down Mississippi at night. You can lose your friends in fog, miss your destination or even get smashed by up-stream boat.
Fitting task field with maps and pointers will be a useful feature, I suppose, especially when you trying to help someone. Hopefully, you'll make it soon, thanks. Salute from Missouri!
Thomas Sawyer
the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main
Video chat
Hey, why don't you make a video-chat so the pirates can speak with their relatives from their lairs? And sometimes it needs to get your aunt know that you're alive and in a good health.
It's also useful when you're in relations with a girl and want to see her, while in a raid or search for treasures. Words sometimes are not enough. Have a nice day, thanks.
We continue to improve askcow and we like that process. We're also like most of the people we meet, especially those who passionate towards evolution of good and technology. We don't have too much leverage for changing the World, but askcow is the one of them. Your attention to details and interest to project management tools can help us in making the World better by improving that, what we're working on.
Sure, we can not promise, that any of your ideas will be implemented obligatory, because we cannot risk of askcow easiness for the sake of functions, essential for you only. Peculiar and special requests can be adopted within the bounds of custom solutions, it is the best way to keep askcow comfortable for most of our users, and at the same time fulfill your requirements.


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